Celmac celebrates 125 years

Celmac Wirquin is celebrating its 125th anniversary of producing world renowned toilet seats. The UK’s leading brand offers a wide range of traditional and ultra-modern materials and designs with a choice of hinge types.

The British manufacturer, founded in 1890, set the BS1254 Type 1 with the classic Sonata seat and the BS1254 Type 2 for the Emerald seat which are among the one million toilet seats annually manufactured and designed to high specification.

The innovative technology and design ensures that the thermoset and thermoplastic seats are the professionals’ and the consumers’ choice guaranteeing them to be resilient, universal fitting and easy to install.


Celmac 125

Warmsworth Halt Ind Est

Tel: +44 (0)33 32 22 44 88

Fax: +44 (0)1302 312 251

Email: sales@wirquin.co.uk

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