Assisted living style is right on trend

Bathrooms for assisted living can look stylish and contemporary thanks to the current design trends and innovative technology. Whether it’s making a few adaptations to an existing bathroom or planning a complete new update, bathrooms can now have extra usability without compromising on looks.

The minimalist hotel-style wall hung frames and low profile showers / wetrooms are ideal for less abled people who want a stylish bathroom to suit their needs. Of course it’s important that it doesn’t just look nice but that the facilities are easy to maintain and hard wearing.


Says Martin Roberts, Specifications Manager: "A bathroom for a less abled person no longer has to be functional with the look of a disabled toilet; you can now have the required products as well as the luxurious designed bathroom to suit everyones’ needs."


Wall-hung frames
The wall hung frame is an important design feature in the current ‘hotel-style’ bathroom; it creates a sense of greater space as well as a cleaner feel. Of course, the real benefit is that the toilet can be hung at a level that works best for the user’s needs.


There are all kinds of easy flushing concepts to benefit the whole family. For improved hygiene and people with limited dexterity there are no-touch sensors that can be easily fitted into existing and new cisterns. The sensor operated flushing systems allow the user to determine how long the flush lasts so it’s also great for households on a water meter. A simple alternative is the wide spatula handle for lever operated cisterns and the large push plate for concealed cisterns/wall-hung frames; both can be operated with an elbow or foot and eliminate any problems with hands or grip.

Toilet Seats
The popular soft close seat is ideal for both younger family members as well as those with limited dexterity to prevent slamming. It is important to have a strong stainless steel hinge to fix the seat on the toilet pan particularly for a user who is wheel chair bound and needs to slide between the two. Certain seats have stabilising locking buffers to make it more secure on the pan when sliding on and off. These raised locking buffers also help to raise the seat a little higher which is less costly than installing a new wall hung frame. Many seats will come with or without lid in white, red (ideal for dementia) or Innas Blue (Doc-M).

The walk in shower concept enables a luxurious yet minimalist approach, creating space and allowing freedom of movement. A complete wet room or a free standing shower panel around a wet room floor is ideal for wheelchair access without having to step in and out of a shower tray. Quick drainage is important to avoid slipping and innovative technology is now offering wet room channels with flowrates of 57 l/min.

Low profile shower trays (as low as 40mm) are also on trend for creating a feeling of space and ideal for reducing the ‘step-up’. There is a wide range of styles on the market with extra flat shower wastes offering the fastest flow rates on the market – up to 33.6 L/min in 15mm water.

Bath wastes
Lower sided and walk in baths are also ideal for the whole family. It is important for the waste to quickly drain the water away otherwise the user could end up getting cold whilst waiting for the water to empty. There are now wastes on the market with flow rates of 62l/min (the norm on the market for baths is 48l/min). Quick clack plugs are also ideal to operate with the foot or elbow rather than fumbling around for a plug.


Basin wastes
Flatter wastes, designed for space saving in the modern home, easily fit under the basin to enable wheel chair users to tuck their knees underneath.

So whether it’s just making a few changes or totally reinventing the space, achieving a contemporary and luxurious bathroom can be achieved for both functional and aesthetic requirements alike.


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