Uppy plug

Thumbs Up for UPPY Plug

Introducing the UPPY plug from Macdee Wirquin. It’s tactile, easy to use, colourful, effective and a really useful gadget! What’s not to like about UPPY. It’s an intelligent universal Plug and Filter that can be used on any basin, bath, sink or shower!

Known in the market for waste technology, Macdee Wirquin has created UPPY, a really clever 2 in 1 plug and filter that’s manufactured from a silicone material and available in a choice of colours including Pink, White and Red.

Uppy measures just 11cms in diameter, is really easy to use and is a very effective retrofit for any waste requiring a plug. Laying over the waste its open and close function works similar to a click clack waste. Press it down once and its closed, press it in the centre and it’s open as a filter to catch food, hair and other waste. It also has a handy suction grip that can be used to stick uppy to tiles nearby as a great tidy away.

Uppy will be available via merchants during August.




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