Wirquin wins most improved supplier of the year award

Lecico Bathrooms has named Wirquin the ‘Most Improved Supplier of the Year 2014’. Through closer communications and a better understanding of the customer’s requirements, Wirquin was able to increase its on-time-in-full delivery rate to a consistent 100%.

This is the first time such an award has been given and during its presentation, Lecico Stock Control Clerk Ashleigh Lawler described Wirquin as the “perfect supplier to work with”.

She continues: “Wirquin is always very helpful and a lovely supplier to work with in general. Lecico awarded them with the ‘Most Improved Supplier of the Year Award’ because at the start of our supplier KPI process in April they were achieving a lower OTIF then they thought but with a lot of cooperation from Wirquin, in the last quarter of 2014 they were up to 100% and have been since. All of us from Lecico would like to thank Wirquin for their support through this process and hope we can continue to work well together in the coming year.”

“Wirquin had always thought it was fully meeting the customers’ requirements in providing stock but further enquiries revealed that the quality, labelling, packaging, delivery time and advice notes were not meeting their expectations,” says Peter Watson, Customer Fulfilment Manager.


Lecico award

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