With a pedigree of innovation over the last 40 years, we truly are world leaders when it comes to unique, time and money saving useful products. All our products are designed with the plumber and end user in mind, adapting our strengths and expertise to anticipate their requirements offering solutions and efficient products.

With a long history of innovation, ingenuity, and knowledge we are able to see things differently and continue to design products to improve installer experience, minimise installation time and maintenance and promote hygiene.

Products that make life easier

Our innovative products combine aesthetics, ergonomics and smart processes to improve everyday life by:

– Controlling water consumption
– Reducing noise levels
– Effectively tackling smells
– Effectively discharging wastewater
– Enabling kitchens and bathrooms to be cleaned more easily
– Optimising space

A focus on innovation

Every year, our group allocates 5% of its turnover to the strategic priority of innovation. The Group’s headquarters in Carquefou is home to an R&D department staffed by some twenty engineers with wide-ranging expertise (advanced research on innovative concepts, development, testing/validation, etc.). This is where most new developments are devised, including flushing mechanisms, wastes, connectors, cisterns, frames, toilets seats and walk-in shower solutions. Our global R&D talents in the United Kingdom, China and Romania furthermore carry out specific projects for their markets.

Operational excellence is critical to our everyday operations

Our group has made quality an everyday priority, enabling us to meet our users’ requirements.

This applies primarily to our products, which we design with painstaking attention to detail. However, it is also true of our working methods and organisation, whereby our daily goal is to achieve an exceptional level of global performance whether in economic, environmental or social terms.

Quality – a permanent requirement

Since it was set up, our group has set itself one goal – to offer consumers an impeccable standard of quality. From product design to marketing, our 1,400 talents work hard at each stage of the process to ensure that no faults slip through the net.

Committed to the environment and health

As we continually aim to make improvements and work towards our targets, we have a long standing commitment to improve our environmental impact; wether this be water saving, energy saving, onto our packaging and the materials we use.

We employ strict levels of auditing taking into consideration both internal and external factors concerning our environmental systems and performance, with a view to be increasingly sustainable. We continually review our KPI’s to ensure our environmental impact is kept to a minimum, with the help of various project teams which are tasked to address individual aspects of our operational process.