The Wirquin range of brass basin wastes meets all the expectations of the installers and end users. Manufactured from brass with the highest quality level of chrome plating and supplied with a complete kit of washers, the new range is the promise of an improved installation.

Guaranteed for 5 years, the range includes slotted and unslotted basin wastes with a variety of opening/closing options to ensure there is no compromise between quality and choice.

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Chromed brass plug and chrome chain and stay
For use with slotted basins
Full brass product: 100% chrome plated brass body for increased reliability
Guaranteed against corrosion: Top level chrome plating compliant with the neutral salt spray (NSS) 200h test (ISO 9227) with the top level test result (Grade 10 – ISO 10289)
Quick, easy and reliable installation: a complete kit of washers with an ergonomical metal backnut for a perfect watertight seal with the basin
5 year guarantee

Wirquin BRASS BASIN WASTE Datasheet