VENISIO EXPERT is a linear shower channel combining design, finish and performance.
With a range of features offering installation flexibility, from height adjustment, outlet options and grid finish, it’s the perfect choice to compliment any bathroom.

Lifetime guarantee



The VENISIO EXPERT is supplied as a preassembled channel – the most high-tech channel with stylish design.
Low Profile: At only 89mm, VENISIO EXPERT is designed to be as shallow as possible however can be adjusted from 89mm to 124mm to suit installation requirements.
Easy and safe to install: Supplied with a pre-cut waterproofing membrane secured with screws for a 100% waterproof seal.
Ultra-fast flow rate: A choice of 3 solvent weld outlets for maximum flowrate performance (79 L/min) and installation flexibility.
Grid Height Adjustment : to suit tile thickness from 8 – 16mm. The grid height can be adjusted post installation to compensate for an uneven screed.
Reversible Grid Finish: The reversible grid system allows the installer to choose from either a tiled solution to match the bathroom design or a high quality brushed 304 stainless steel plate.
Easy to clean from above: Removable trap for direct access to waste pipe.
50mm water seal.
Care and Cleaning: To protect your shower, do not use harsh cleaning products or drain cleaners that contain sulfuric acid in your shower channel.
Lifetime guarantee

Venisio Expert Datasheet